BetProtocol allows entrepreneurs to launch online gaming platforms with no coding required.

“If you can use Shopify to launch an eCommerce website, or Wordpress to launch a blog, you have the technical skills necessary to launch and operate an online gaming platform with BetProtocol,” says BetProtocol CEO, Rui Pedro Teixeira.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for people to run a gaming app with minimal time and capital investment. We’ve built all the tech necessary, so you don’t have to.”

BetProtocol’s set of secure and easy to use toolkits removes barriers to entry for new online gaming firms to gain access to new revenue streams from the multi-billion-dollar Blockchain-gaming industry. BetProtocol’s turnkey solutions are simple to use, and creates a level playing field for small and independent developers to compete and in many ways to surpass the offerings of existing providers.  And this is precisely the vision of co-founders Rui Pedro and Justin Wu - to enable anyone in the world to launch an online gaming platform in less than a day. In fact, the BetProtocol team have released a demo of setting up your own gaming application in less than 5 minutes –  you’ll be blown away at how fast you can establish your online presence.

The prolific rise of mobile devices and the allure of being able to game anytime and anywhere on smartphones and tablets has contributed to a global games market projected to exceed a colossal $138 billion by the end of 2020. A staggering $70 billion from mobile gaming is generated in Asia alone, which is, of course, a key area of operations for Dragon. BetProtocol’s unique ability to replace decades-old, expensive and labour-intensive gaming back-end systems with a Blockchain-based platform heralds new paradigm for transparency, data redundancy and provably-fair gaming systems.

With BetProtocol having a superb back-end platform, and with Dragon having hundreds of games to launch, it is perhaps only natural that a strategic partnership would form, with Dragon co-founder, Paul Moynan saying,

"the gaming industry is one of tremendous potential, but lots of the current platforms are dated and difficult to set up and manage. Our new strategic partnership combines Dragon’s extensive reach into Asia and throughout Africa shortly with the innovation of BetProtocol, which is a win-win value add proposition for both parties."

You can catch up with the BetProtocol team on their dedicated Telegram group right now to join the discussion. To find out more on the ever-expanding range of excellent strategic partners for Dragon, please visit the Dragon Blog right now.