One of Bangalore's largest Summits on Blockchain and AI focuses on ten different sectors seeking expert views on the disruptive potential of this technology and the impact that might be felt across global business.  The summit is on 27thJuly at the Alliance University, Bengaluru, India and includes a fascinating agenda which presents interactive panel discussions covering various industries and case studies, expert speakers and paper presentations.

Inspiring speakers include Sharat Chandra, President of the India Chapter, Government Blockchain Association who is widely respected as a visionary speaker on blockchain developments.   Attendees will be looking forward to exchanging ideas with him on themes such as digital transformationand the adoption of emerging technologies such as AI & Blockchain.  Other notable personalities at the summit will be Alex Schell, Director, Crypto Valley and Anu Singh, Blockchain Advisory and IBM Senior Manager who will bring her unique insight into discussion on the impact of blockchain on sectors including Finance, Insurance, Retail, Supply Chain and Charity through intimate roundtables, interactive case studies and panel discussions.

Blockchain technology has witnessed impressive traction over the last couple of years, with successful start-ups and projects focused around Green Energy, Agriculture, FinTech, SCM & Logistics, Manufacturing and Land Registry. These ventures have shown impressive results and are presently being scaled for wider adoption.

It will be interesting to see where the discussion leads with India keen to become major players in the blockchain sphere.  However, because India has one of the world's largest populations of citizens who don't have bank accounts, the benefits of blockchain-based currencies such as Dragon Coin will surely be brought up.

Part of Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan’s vision is to bring the benefits of Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin, to help improve the day to day lives of the average person.  Dragon Coin and the Dragon Social Wallet (DSW) have great potential to help the unbanked by allowing them to create their own financial alternatives in an efficient, transparent and scalable manner.  Using the Dragon Social Wallet makes making remittances painless and could allow low-income individuals in different countries to send money to each other using DSW to DSW transfers, which are free and virtually instantaneous.  Unbanked individuals in Asia and Africa make up a significant market ready to adopt solutions outside of the traditional banking system, leveraging the building blocks for economic growth and avoiding hyperinflation.

Dragon Blockchain Innovation provides a secure, scalable way to serve the needs of these individuals, but what do you think?  Can India truly unlock its potential without allowing digital currencies?  Drop us a tweet now to let us know your thoughts.