Dragon forms yet another exciting partnership, this time with the leading Indian Art House ArtZolo.  ArtZolo is an art marketplace that connects art lovers with the art makers, suppliers, and galleries.  Dragon have tremendous respect for the way that India embrace technological innovation and the ability they have to grow and forge fantastic relationships like we have witnessed with the UK.

When the Indian community sets its sights on something, they achieve incredible things.  While India irons out regulations relating to digital payments Dragon are standing by to support in any way possible and are delighted to be able to showcase the amazing Indian culture through their inspirational artwork.

With ArtZolo, you can explore, curate, share and collect artwork. The enjoyment that art gives to people is of enormous value to the makers, doers, and creators in the art ecosystem and ArtZolo values it.

Founded in 2014 by Preeti Singhal and Vishal Singhal, ArtZolo has expanded at a breathtaking pace and now showcases over 16,000 artworks on display at https://www.artzolo.com. This itself is the testimony to the presence of multitudinous artworks by various artists on ArtZolo. Diversity, heterogeneity, variegation are synonymous to ArtZolo. Right from Ancient Indian heritage art forms to modern art to the abstract art and much more, ArtZolo has them all.

With the wide range of artists and artforms, ArtZolo is the one-stop solution for all the artists and art lovers. This art destination doesn't limit itself to paintings only. Drawings, Sculptures, Traditional Art (Tribal) and Murals also find their place in ArtZolo. In addition to their e-commerce platform, artzolo.com helps art collectors to invest in art by offering a range of established and emerging artists.

Beautiful Mind

Witnessing digital revolution, the ArtZolo team quickly recognised the potential of the internet to establish a dynamic community of artists and art lovers. After a detailed survey and taking in account the opinions of the myriad of artists and buyers and exploring the possibilities they decided to empower them to express opinions and take action allowing members to have an open mind and be willing to explore, discover and engage with the community.

City Nights

The success of the Dragon Art platform was a significant draw for ArtZolo after seeing the highly successful launch at the Kempinski Hotel and the world-renowned calibre of the artists now in the Dragon ecosystem. Of the Dragon partnership, Vishal said: “ArtZolo is an online gallery to make art more accessible. In an attempt to make it convenient for art lovers in the world, ArtZolo is glad to announce its first crypto partner in Dragon.  Dragon is well known for its reach and ease of use and will make it easy for consumers to buy art seamlessly.”

Colors of Life

In preparation for India’s review of regulations towards digital currency, ArtZolo is looking forward to integrating Dragon Blockchain solutions and adopting the Dragon Social Wallet and Dragon Coin (DRG), the world’s number one entertainment coin, which provides state-of-the-art technology for harnessing on and off Blockchain remittance.  

Sandesh Khule, Untitled-099. Acrylic on Canvas 2017

Forging partnerships with well-established organisations such as ArtZolo is part of the bigger vision of Dragons ecosystem.  Dragon art is set to grow in the coming months, following the soft launch of Dragon with more partnerships lined up across several continents.

Head over to both Dragon Art http://dragonart.io and https://www.artzolo.com now to see some stunning examples of abstract artwork, sculptures and the work of artists specialising in digital artwork.  Or if you are in the area why not pop in to see them in person at;

D3145, Oberoi Garden Estate
Near Chandivali Studios
Mumbai 400072