On Saturday, March 23rd art lovers and enthusiasts are invited to experience life through visual art at West Palm Beach's "Cultural Corridor" - The Box Gallery.

Dragon is thrilled to announce that Dragon Artist Suzanne Barton's work can be seen in what is widely recognised as one of the best art galleries in the world.

A stimulating exhibition entitled "Scintilla, Aesthetics and The Feminine: Exploring the relationship between elements of nature and the power of the feminine".   Suzanne's sensuous work will be displayed proudly alongside the work of other world leading artists such as Jerome Glickman and Gail Erickson.

A professional photographer since 1985 who describes herself as an "old school photographer" led by intuition, Barton's latest "Tiny Dancer Underwater Art Series" was inspired by her natural affinity to water and desire to quite literally dive deep and explore.

The award-winning artists’ “Underwater Fine Art” series is an exemplary combination of photography, colour, design and imagination and has been commissioned Royal Caribbean Cruises as part of their permanent collection aboard “Harmony of the Seas”.

Described as both a symbolic and peaceful experience when capturing her subjects, Suzanne has commented that: “The grace and fluidity of movement, the soothing quiet and calm beneath the surface, leaves one transformed”. In somewhat of a similar way, Dragon’s transformative blockchain technology, partnered with DRG, the world’s number one entertainment coin and Dragon’s own digital currency, is evolving how such art is purchased and gifted. What's more, is that all transactions via DRG are viewable by downloading the Dragon Social Wallet.

In line with Dragon Art’s vision of creating a living ecosystem in which blockchain technology can merge with creativity, Suzanne's depiction of herself as a person who has "embraced the digital era and its tools" is very befitting. The partnership is not only a privilege but also fascinating as Dragon continues to be the bridge between traditional business and the new era of blockchain innovation.  Can’t wait for the exhibition?  Why not head over to the stunning Dragon Art website now to see more of her work as well checking out the work of other supremely talented world leading artists.