Sal Ponce Enrile’s exquisite art work draws you in and shows you her unique creative tone and voice.  Sal’s art is something to behold and to savour—it truly reflects her life experiences in a delightful way and the inner art expert in you can’t help but notice some parallels in her art to Kandinsky’s expressionism.  

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should take a look at to see how Sal’s metamorphosis from her former position as a legislator is remarkably discernible in her pieces.  Whilst having to present a calm and measured front as a public servant she has discovered an original voice through her art where she can express herself in any way she chooses.  

Sal has developed a unique style and draws you in by incorporating a variety of materials and different strokes all of which inspire you to set up your own easel and begin painting yourself.

Sal’s first solo exhibit was called ‘Awakening’ which was unveiled on March 11, 2018 at A Space in Makati City, the title aptly chosen because it allows people to see behind the façade of the former legislator, something she found very liberating.  

Being able to convey hopes, dreams and fears through art is something Sal is passionate about and the event was extremely well received by Sal’s friends and family, colleagues in public service including Senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan, as well as artists Rodel Tapaya and Marina Cruz.

As a legislator Sal was a prominent voice in support of enhancing the welfare of children, health and education and all sales from Awakening will be redirected to her chosen charities.  This allows Sal to develop further as an artist as well as maintaining a strong connection with the community and be able to drive forward change in many areas in the future.

Dragon CEO Paul Moynan and Sal are dear friends, and he is looking forward to working with her as Dragon Art continues its rapid evolution. Paul is excited to have created a platform for so many talented people and dear friends to showcase their passion, the first of many events will be held in Spain at the prestigious luxury Kempinski Hotel in Bahia.