Dragon is driving innovation by putting art on the blockchain in its new platform, Dragon Art, which allows users from around the world to access work by Dragon-partnered artists like San B.

Based in Essex, England, San B uses Swarovski Crystals to create everything from clothes to portraits. San B started out designing clothes for celebrities and artists like Wu Tang Clan and Bruno Mars, with Wu Tang Clan performing onstage with San B’s crystalized clothing.

From there San B moved on to portraits of inspirational cultural figures like David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, and Marilyn Monroe. The art is authenticated with an alphanumeric code, with each piece having a unique code and hologram seal of approval, and the code can be scanned as part of the certification process.

Owners of San B’s work include Drake, David Sullivan (owner of West Ham Utd), Lord and Lady Fink of Northwood, Paul A. Young (Luxury Chocolatier) alongside a collaboration with Roberto Cavalli Interiors, and now Dragon Art will bring his art to many more people and even allow Dragon users to invest in tokenized sums representing the art, which can be sold for a profit if the art is later auctioned at a higher price.

Dragon CEO Paul Moynan has acted as a partner, advisor, director, and founder of multiple successful business ventures and sees great promise in San B’s artwork and the forward-thinking integration of alphanumeric codes to prove the authenticity of each piece. What better art to put on the Dragon blockchain?

Dragon’s native token DRG is the world’s number one entertainment coin for digital currencies, and Dragon Art is very pleased to support well-established and upcoming artists alike in democratizing their art on the blockchain.  Join the Dragon entertainment family with the Dragon Wallet for secure and fast blockchain transactions in the palm of your hand.

You can download the IOS and ANDROID version of the Dragon Social Wallet App to test for yourself.