Joining the likes of world-famous artists such and musician Brian Travers of UB40 fame and Sal Ponce Enrile is Maya Elsa.  Maya has been selected as one of three Dragon Ambassadors to exhibit at the newly opened Arthouse Benahavís in Southern Spain in the coming weeks.  This is a fantastic achievement in itself so be sure to look out for a more in-depth follow-up article on the exhibition, but presently it is only fitting that the focus of this piece is set squarely on Maya and her spectacular work.

As you can see from this collection of stunning images, Maya’s ‘Elements’ series is set to attract some serious attention, and it doesn’t take long to see why her work was selected to be shown at Steve and Alison Palmer’s Arthouse Benahavís.  ‘Elements' is the first part of a mixed media commission which explores the ongoing effects of global warming through a mixture of close up and far away images to very cleverly make the effects resonate on a global and personal level.

As well as starting to make serious waves in the art world, Maya has just finished filming a part in Anthem, the new Neil Blomkamp (director of the District 9) movie as well as rehearsing for the Edinburgh Fringe production of ‘Sweet Charity’ showing a real depth of artistic talent.

Dragon Art are proud to support both respected artists as well as up and coming artists such as Maya who is definitely one to watch!

To find out more about the growing range of Dragon Artists and view their work on the Dragon Art website just click here, but before you do remember to check out the inspiring charity work that Brian Travers is doing in support of the Giles’ Trust to supply the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with funds for brain tumour research.

Art lover, Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan said, ‘this is a tremendous effort, all the more so as he is still in recovery from surgery to remove two tumours.  Brian lets nothing stand in his way, and it is great to see him expressing himself through his art.'