Since the announcement last week about new Dragon Art Ambassador Maya Elsa, we have been inundated with requests for more information about this talented up and coming artist.  The keen-eyed observer amongst you may have already noticed that as well being as an accomplished actor and painter, Maya is also a model in many of Suzanne Barton’s ‘Symphony of the Seas’ underwater art series which are available to purchase now on the Dragon Art website.  Make sure you have bookmarked our blog so you can read up on that one soon!

The Dragon media team caught up with Maya, who kindly took a break from her hectic schedule preparing her “Elements’ series for exhibition at the newly opened Arthouse Benahavís, which is to be shown alongside the brilliant abstract work of Brian Travers and Danny Robson’s unique pieces.

We asked Maya, who creates her art mainly in the UK and Spain what attracted her to Dragon.  ‘I am at the start of an incredible journey to build a body of thought provoking and interesting work and I jumped at the chance to partner with Dragon Art as it provides a fantastic vehicle to showcase the work of independent artists – the world wide reach that Dragon provides really allows artists freedom of speech and thought.’  Maya told us that her journey into art began on a family holiday in Cornwall and you can see from the cool artistic vibe in the image below that perhaps was the inspiration behind her ‘Elements’ series.

The “Elements’ series was created using Maya’s favourite technique where she uses photographic images with different paints and textures and was inspired by today’s Global issues such as climate change and man’s adverse effect on the planet and it’s natural resources.  

The Sky Angel piece started with the poem by Maya which accompanies the artwork.

Maya went on to say of the role of the artist in society that, ‘art is a medium which is aesthetically pleasing but also asks questions of the user and collector. It’s an effective way to deliver important themes which can create discussion.’

Dragon Art is honoured to be able to work with a select group of extraordinary men and women to create a dynamic “modern legacy”, through the combination of their art and Dragon Blockchain Innovation.

To find out more about the art work available to purchase now from the growing range of Dragon Artists just click here, but before you do be sure to read about the amazing charity work Brian Travers is doing to support of the Giles’ Trust and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.