Throughout history, art has been a form of expression and communication of one's thoughts and ideologies toward the public. Many times, however, art has also been met with a lot of controversies surrounding censorship, forgery, theft, and much more. From the notorious Sarasota heist to the 50% of artwork in circulation that isn't authentic, as well as a recent case of an artist's mural being covered up by individual local authorities.

The mural in question, named “La Liberté guidance le Peuple", visualised a french protest group called the Gilet Jaunes. The work of art was a reimagining of Eugéne Delacroix’s piece under the same name created by Pascal Boyart earlier in January. What made Boyart’s rendition of the painting different is that he had added a cryptographic touch to it by hiding $1,000 worth of Bitcoin somewhere within the mural, creating a new level of interaction for passers-by of the painting. Unfortunately, due to being a "decidedly political statement," local french authorities covered up the mural with grey paint just a month after.

With blockchain innovating and evolving the ways the world does business, it is only natural that we start to see more artists utilising the immutable capabilities of blockchain technology. Recently, it was revealed that the mural mentioned above had been recreated within the Ethereum based virtual world called "Cryptovoxels," by an art and crypto enthusiast. He decided not to stand for such censorships - recreating the mural in a virtual 1,500 square meter art museum created by BnoiitC labelled "Museum of Cryptoart”. Home to many other of BnoiitC’s works that live free of the fear of one day being censored and taken down.  BnoiitC has made it clear that profits of Pascal’s mural go straight to the artist, a sort of collaboration between the two, helping Pascal fund his next projects and exhibitions.

Dragon has been active in this space for some time and has been working with a select hand-picked group of visionary artists whose work you can see right now on the Dragon Art website.  Musical legends Brian Travers from UB40 and John Illsley from Dire Strait's artworks are available to purchase on the website right now.  Their exquisite art features alongside other world-class artists such as former senator, Sal Ponce Enrile, San B and Anna Schellberg who are all international stars in their own right.  Dragon Art was created by Dragon Co-founder Paul Moynan with the overriding vision to allow artists to diversify their portfolio of creative skills in a safe and secure platform, to respond to opportunities as they arise and recognise the possibilities for new and innovative creativity.

Dragon Coin, the worlds number 1 entertainment coin, also aims to help evolve the way art is sold, purchased and tracked on the blockchain, with Dragon Art, a stand-alone vertical focusing on spotlighting today's artists as well as giving them a platform to sell their work through our website. Artists stand to benefit by not having their work sold be eaten away by hefty fees from standard forms of payment by reducing costs to 0.5% as well as being able to allow the artist to receive their money in 1.3 seconds. Of course, the seller stands to benefit from low fees as well as the peace of mind that their newly purchased artwork is tracked and identifiable on the blockchain illuminating the worry of duplicates/fakes.

And to round off, it looks like a younger audience of gamers are also exploring the benefits of tokenisation.   Cryptovoxels, a Minecraft inspired world, is a space where ownership of land or items within the game is tracked and traded within the blockchain. From Buying land and building on it to purchasing art and ornaments for your walls and tables to be sold on the collectable crypto marketplace, opensea. Before running out to purchase an art piece, however, be sure you have some real estate to place it on! These digital assets never can be duplicated and can always be cross-referenced to see ownership of land or items within the world.

If you haven't tried out the features of the Dragon Social Wallet yet, the future payment mechanism for the whole Dragon ecosystem, you can download it free from here, and please let us know what you think in our lively Telegram community.