This leading hemp summit comes to Montevideo, Uruguay for two jam-packed days exploring the very latest innovation and trends in the hemp market.  The summit running on 8th and 9th of November explores the potential of the vast South American region to become a powerhouse in the industry.

One of the key features of this event is that translators are on the ground to translate talks in both Spanish and English to remove barriers to understanding ensuring all in attendance completely understand what is said during the entire course of the summit.

Dragon CEO, Paul Moynan, welcomes the approach taken at the summit saying:  “China is recognised as one of the best regions for hemp and CBD innovation, but events such as these in South America highlight the global impact the industry is having.  The Dragon ecosystem is gaining traction, and with the R&D department looking into how hemp-based industrial materials could be adopted across key areas of the entertainment and sporting sectors, these are exciting times to be in the blockchain industry.”

This edition of this event will focus on how companies can invest in this booming industry and addresses some of the pain points of the past.  Additionally, further discussion will centre around the cultivation and harvesting of hemp as well as how the global cultivation rate can be increased.  It will also offer delegates in attendance an opportunity to pitch their ideas to willing investors who are seeking to enter into profitable partnerships.

To discuss some of the issues new investors may face, the organisers of this event have gathered some of the foremost names in the industry to act as guest speakers. Also in attendance in Uruguay will be some of the biggest names in the hemp industry, company executives, business leaders, start-ups, and innovators.  One of these guest speakers is Sergio Vazquez Barrios of MGAP Uruguay. Diego Bertone of Hemptech Argentina has also been announced as one of the guest speakers for this event.

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