Its been more than ten years since the release of the Bitcoin whitepaper which launched Blockchain onto a trajectory which has had a tremendous impact across practically every industry and walk of life you can imagine.

Reading Between The Lines of Bitcoin
Photo by André François McKenzie / Unsplash

With the number of use cases forever growing the direction that the Blockchain industry takes over the next decade will be crucial for its mainstream adoption.  With financial institutions desperately clinging onto their roles as financial gatekeepers expect to see more hybrid and cross-chain implementations of Blockchain, as well as a renewed push on privacy-preservation as Facebook's Libra, rumbles into existence.

The 5th Global Blockchain Summit running for two days from 17th to 18th September brings together expert representatives from a diverse range of industries to explore issues such as these and share their vision of developing trends in the Blockchain space.

Photo by Lisa Risager / Unsplash

The event has once again been organised expertly by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and opened with a warm welcome from Dr Xiao Feng, Vice Chairman & Executive Director, China Wanxiang Holdings; Chairman & CEO, Wanxiang Blockchain.  The event began after the being officially opened by Li Lihui, Former President of the bank of China whose presence highlight’s the events great global stature. The Summit is jam-packed with more than 2000 participants and over 250 experts on hand to discuss red-hot topics such as Digital Assets and Digital Finance, a keynote from Yao Qian, Deputy Party Secretary & General Manager, China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited and CEO of Vechain Sunny Lu’s brilliant discussion on Enablers for Mass Adoption.

This is a discussion which resonates with holders of Dragon Coin, the worlds number one entertainment coin.  The powerful Dragon Ecosystem comprising of Dragon Coin, the free Dragon Social Wallet and the Dragon Exchange, is primed for mass adoption thanks to Dragon CEO Paul Moynan’s meticulous planning and preparation of several innovative pillars and vertical markets.  He said, “our key Pillars of VIP Gaming, iGaming and eGaming give Dragon an impressive reach across Asia, and I continue to admire the innovation that comes out of China as they exploit the opportunities afforded by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Blockchain technology.  I am delighted that Dragon have forged strong partnerships with some excellent companies based in China that we look forward to working with soon."

The second day of the Summit is set to be equally as busy with a superb range of keynotes, workshops and fireside chats but the highlight of the day, and perhaps the whole Summit, will be the closing speech by none other than Wanxiang Blockchain Labs Chief Scientist and founder of Ethereum - Vitalik Buterin.  The celebrations of the recent Mid-Autumn Festivalmay be fading, but the future is bright for China as they continue to lead the way in Blockchain innovation and remarkable investment opportunities.  It's a busy week in Shanghai, so make sure you stay in the loop and get your daily dose of Blockchain news from the Dragon Blog.