ICE London is the global gathering for all B2B industry experts and gaming professionals looking to source products and service solutions.  Dragon is slap bang in the middle of revolutionising many of the sectors up for discussion - read on to discover why ‘Powered by Dragon’ is set to become the most sought-after endorsement for e-gaming; VIP/High roller gaming, mobile and many more.

The ICE events at ExCeL London from the 4th to 7th February are set to draw in a massive crowd of over 34, 000 attendees looking to explore the unique gaming opportunities offered through leading technology providers such as Dragon.  ICE London provides a range of free-to-attend seminars and features covering developments in land-based or online gaming – precisely the areas where Dragon have been testing and refining in recent months.

Dragon CEO Paul Moynan said, ‘This is a fascinating time for Dragon and the gaming industry as a whole.  The vision is starting to become a reality with our long-awaited roll out, and you will soon see Dragon take centre stage in the evolution of the entertainment industry through Dragon technologies and innovation.’  

Dragon takes e-gaming to Scandinavia.

Ultimo Hombre Powered by Dragon saw the year out in spectacular fashion in Surabaya, Indonesia with yet another unique event.  This event was the testing ground for Dragon Coin where it proved worthy of the title of ‘the world number one entertainment coin’. People at the event loved the convenience of being able to use it to purchase physical and virtual goods.  Ultimo Hombre swap the heat of Asia for the colder climate of Sweden and Finland but you can expect the competitive gamers to revel in the heat of the tournaments.

VIP / High Roller Gaming

Dragon has a unique system in place to evolve the VIP gaming space.  VIP/High Roller gamers can now enjoy almost instant access to their funds when they use the Dragon Social Wallet and Dragon Coin. What’s more is that Dragon dramatically reduce fees by cutting out the middleman and offer extremely low fees for transfers in and out of the Dragon Social Wallet.  Dragon is making gaming much easier for you on our preferred platforms and with fees from as low as 0.5%, using Dragon Coin as part of your betting strategy will really pay dividends.  But it gets even better because if you want to make a transfer from your Dragon Wallet to somebody else’s there no cost whatsoever.

Mobile and Social Gaming

The strategic partnership with Game Media Works sees Dragon Blockchain technology sweep into the mobile and social gaming.  Game Media Works are renowned for their innovation of the video slot machine industry, online gaming platforms and social gaming. With a fantastic portfolio of over 300 certified game titles, Game Media Works is one of the largest providers in the world.  Advanced slot machines that allow gamers to play up to 50 different games in a single cabinet and their cutting-edge cashless card systems combined with the Dragon ecosystem really do take gaming to the next level.

Sports Betting

As a company that always puts the needs of the user first, Dragon are exploring other elements like sports betting where the introduction of Dragon Coin and the Dragon Social Wallet will provide straight forward, easy access to a range of other gaming platforms.   Look out for exciting announcements on how Dragon Coin, the world’s number on entertainment coin will impact upon this area soon.

Dragon - Cool as ICE in London

ICE VOX is part of the ICE event but has an entirely different focus. Presenting a dedicated learning forum from 4th to 6th February it explores the key issues affecting senior gaming professionals, including eSports; VIP/High Roller gaming; cybercrime and security; data science and personalisation; game design and development; blockchain; lotteries; and world regulation.

Members of the Dragon team are looking forward to networking with like-minded professionals and discussing with leading thinkers how Dragon Blockchain could be further used in gaming technologies for B2B business growth.  

The ICE events cover the whole gaming industry and its agenda is always shaped and refined to stay in line with the constantly evolving gaming landscape.  It now services the entire gaming spectrum, striking a balance between land-based and digital channels.  Now you know about ICE’s evolution it would be remiss not to visit us to see Dragons continued evolution of the entertainment industry as Dragon Coin continues to be the World’s Number One Entertainment Coin.