The World Economic Forum conference has announced the details and theme for its upcoming annual meeting which is set to be the 50th of its kind. The event will be held between the dates of the 21st to 24th January 2020 in the town of Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. 2020’s theme will be primarily concentrated on stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world, keeping in line with its mission of “Improving the state of the world”.

Together the event will collectively attract over 3,000 participants, involving many of the worlds key leaders and figures where they will actively collaborate on key initiatives that will shape future global, national and industrial agendas.  They will also be discussing the most pressing issues which we face as a planet in 2020, while also helping governments and institutions alike towards tracking progress concerning the Paris agreement.

With Blockchain technology a key component at the forefront of the evolving world, Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan believes its imperative for society as a whole to implement new strategies integrating Blockchain technology as a means of helping  overcome some of the critical global issues facing us today: ‘Since its inception over a decade ago, Blockchain technology has risen to the forefront of the ever-evolving global technological revolution with many organisations and industries benefitting significantly through intelligent application.’

2020's programme for the annual meeting will prioritise the seven following crucial agendas:

Fairer Economies: Reshaping economies to ensure growth benefits the many and not the few by making human development more efficient and sustainable.

How to Save the Planet: Implementing strategies to repair the damage that has already been done by Global warming and the by-products accompanying it.

Future of Work: With the 4th industrial revolution ever-impending, the agenda will be centred on developing ways to minimise dislocation, as well as reskilling the global workforce.

Healthy Futures: Fair access to medical care for all as well as combating the global mental health epidemic will be a key feature of the 2020 forum.

Better Businesses: Key discussions will involve methods for longer-term sustainability and inclusiveness to best serve all.

Beyond Geopolitics: The agenda will be heavily focused on trying to unite nations to prioritise global crisis' over egocentric domestic interests.

Tech for good: The agenda will aim to implement strategies to utilise technology to best serve our development without the intrusion of human nature while abiding by strict ethical and moral codes.

Many industries would benefit from the adoption of Blockchain technology as a means to challenge many of the dated mainstream systems of today which have ultimately led us to face such prevalent global issues across numerous fronts.

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