This year's 1-2-1 Mining Investmestment Conference saw more than 30 production, development and exploration companies met leading institutional investors, financiers and analysts from China, and the wider APAC region.  

The 1-2-1 Mining Investment Conference's primary goal is to connect investors and companies and, while focusing on mining, it also touched on various issues such as resource efficiencies, appraisal of opportunities, and a wide range of economic or financial insights in the production, development, and exploration.

The event also offered an opportunity for investors to sit down with specific companies aligned with their business interests. In the previous meeting, the event attracted more than 350 companies who had the opportunity to network with more than 1400 investors who were also in attendance. With superb networking opportunities such as these, this is set to become one event that all investors and companies in the mining industry should try not to miss out.

It is said that there is power in connecting to people who are active in your line of work, and this is certainly what the 1-2-1 mining conference in Hong Kong offers. As in previous years, the conference presented several experienced speakers.  Headed by the president and partner of the Global Mining Capital Keith Spence and  APAC resources investment manager John Ellis.  As well as many other investors and mining companies across the globe, Greg Fournier, Chief executive & head of Investment Banking, CIBC was also on hand to provide excellent insights.

The attendants not only benefit from the superior matchmaking experience that effectively brings together sophisticated investors and mining companies, but they also gained from the tried and tested formula of bringing together investors and companies to discuss trends and business opportunities. It is also important to note that only the qualified companies and investors were allowed to attend, and this gives great assurance on value for time and money. Apart from the above benefits, companies and investors flock to this event to take advantage of the free registration fee.

By implementing blockchain and leveraging the immutability of it, the mining industry could benefit significantly by adopting blockchain technology into their supply chains.  This allows precise tracking of resources e.g. where they have come from, process it underwent to reach market, right back to the particular mine and miner.

I took that image in a former romanian salt mine. It was one of the darkest, most surrealistic and impressing place I have ever been. You could even play minigolf and table tennis down there. The photo shows the 120 meter high vertical main tunnel.
Photo by Vincent Erhart / Unsplash

Another way they could benefit is through the adoption of digital currency, such as the Dragon Coin, the worlds number 1 Entertainment coin, and the Dragon Social Wallet, a free to use iOS and Android app, offers a payment method at a minimal transaction fee of 0.5% and at a speeds of up to 1.3 second per transaction — saving both time and many for both the client and the merchant.

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